Sharon Hannan, Senior Vice-President Healthcare Strategy

Experts suggest changing careers every 7 years to match the 7 Year Cycle of Human Life. If you find yourself at this 7 year itch like I did and want to mindfully navigate your next steps, you must contact Sarah for a consult. I was fairly skeptical before our introductory meeting and now I will never make another major career move without her council. Sarah helped me to do the work and uncover what I wanted in my next career. She helped me see the path I should take to start a career I did not even know existed. I spent my entire professional life allowing promotions and compensations to predict my next steps without really thinking about what my personal values and goals were. Sarah’s organization skills and natural coaching abilities led me to focus on what was really important and reduce the noise of fear and doubt that can sometimes accompany substantial life changes. I have recommended Sarah to a few friends and their experiences and positive outcomes have been the same as my own. Invest in yourself!

Gigi Elizee, Healthcare IT Leader | Informatics Nurse | Educator
University of Maryland Medical System

I initially engaged Sarah to help me navigate the demands of working as a leader within a fast-paced, high-stress healthcare environment. Sarah has helped me weed through the distractions so that I can focus on prioritizing projects and work efforts that move my organization forward. While working with Sarah, I began pursuing my passion to work with nurses to transition from clinical roles to non-traditional consulting opportunities. Sarah is so diverse that as my executive coach, she helped me to create my strategy, vision, and plan for my business. She used a structured, but customized, approach to help me work through my plan in a way that ensures a balance between my professional and personal responsibilities as a single mother. Sarah has been thoughtful, thorough, and integral in connecting ideas and concepts I raised into deliverables from which I could build value propositions and move forward. I recommend both executive coaching and Sarah to anyone looking to make significant progress in their career.

Evan Richards, Director Care Continuum Financial Strategy
Cerner Corporation

After taking a professional sabbatical early in 2019, I worked with Sarah in a career coaching capacity to evaluate my career interests and define a path that closely aligned with my values and interests. Leveraging a simple, but effective framework, we worked through various aspects of professional and personal interests that led to my decision to continue in healthcare IT in a business and solution strategy role. One year on, I can say the path I chose is absolutely the right one, and it is thanks to Sarah’s experience, ability to solution with me, and keep me focused on my goals and values.
Sarah has been a pleasure to work with. Her thoroughness, thoughtfulness and ability to connect ideas and concepts I raised turned into options from which I could move forward. Not only do I recommend the coaching process for refining various aspects of one’s life, but I highly recommend Sarah to anyone considering this journey.

Carly Mattson, Director ACOs & New Products
HealthCare Partners, A DaVita Medical Group

Sarah’s deep subject matter expertise and ability to think outside the box have made her a valued strategic partner to our strategy & operations teams at HealthCare Partners.  She has shown the innate ability to build teams, create consensus around decisions ranging from growth to patient engagement, and build confidence from the field in our IT organization.  She’s a tremendous asset at HealthCare Partners: the type of teammate that you naturally gravitate towards owing to her positive personality and willingness to engage.

Julie Castongia, Senior Director Business Applications
HealthCare Partners, A DaVita Medical Group

It is a rare combination to find someone articulate, inspiring and fun and yet grounded in her ability to advance strategic initiatives, and yet Sarah Richardson delivers on all fronts. Since joining HealthCare Partners, a DaVita Medical Group, Sarah has fostered a sense of team and ownership in an uncertain and somewhat tumultuous time within the IT organization.

Sarah joined the DaVita team a little over a year ago as Market CIO and immediately formed a bond not only with direct reports like myself but also with every IT teammate, even organizing dinners on her own time to meet teams that worked later shifts. She made sure that individuals enjoyed celebrations for years of service as well as calling out and recognizing accomplishments with the organization.

Sarah is well versed in leadership principles and literature and has encouraged the proliferation of this knowledge by helping to establish reading and discussion groups and guiding teammates to industry organizations like CHIME and HIMSS. She has ensured that our business leaders continue to receive the highest degree of support in meeting strategic goals even as systems migrate and team structure transforms.

I am fortunate to name Sarah as a highly regarded role model and mentor in my life and would recommend her for any executive leadership position she would seek out.

Lee Angelo, Senior Director Clinical Information Systems
HealthCare Partners, A DaVita Medical Group

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Sarah for some time and I can say that among her many talents she is an incredible leader, mentor and motivator. Her commitment to leadership is only surpassed by her positive energy and can-do attitude. She takes the time to make each associate feel special and supported and grows talent in a way that I have never seen before. She is able to bring unique ideas and fresh perspectives to projects both large and small to ensure the success of all who are involved. She champions much and never shies away from a challenge which makes her such a value to not only the team but the entire organization.

Andrew Kerr, Managing Partner
FortyAU – Speaker, Author of The Humility Imperative

Dynamic, confident, energetic, and intelligent Sarah is a unique leader that has a strong strategic understanding of the healthcare industry combined with a passion for build strong teams that can execute and truly enjoy working together. She is that rare leader that takes on difficult assignments and never shies away from a risk or challenge. She creatively attacks problems with drive and diligence but always with a positive, collaborative spirit that brings others along. I have also always admired the way she is willing to genuinely invest in her team members to help them advance. As a consultant working with many of the largest healthcare companies, I can confidently say that I believe Sarah is easily one of the top CIOs in the country.

Kourtney Govro, CEO

Sarah is an excellent leader. She exhibits self-awareness in her decisions and examines multiple layers before acting. Sarah is generous with her time and energies around encouraging others to be successful. Her ideas are thought provoking and always drives me to consider new things in leadership.

Andrew Cooper, Director of Information Security Assurance
NCH Healthcare System

Sarah Richardson is a true transformational leader who focuses on advancing her team and her organization. She has had a profound impact on my professional career by providing me guidance and recommendations for today and the future. Unlike other executives, she focuses on strengths instead of weaknesses. She has a passion for technology and security and it is clear in her devotion to her team and organization. Sarah consistently delivers high quality results to meet or exceed the expectations of her organization. Sarah would make a perfect addition to any team.

Mustafa Abdulali, Director of Lean Transformation
NCH Healthcare System

Sarah is the type of executive that combines tech savvy, business acumen and high emotional intelligence. As a seasoned IT executive she’s been able to build a structure that helps propel the organization to the next level. She clearly understands how to change culture and what she needs to do to facilitate culture change. Above all I’ve been impressed with how Sarah has been able to develop her people. She spends the time to ensure they have access to the tools, education and opportunities so they can develop professionally. Not only do I look forward to working with Sarah, I actively look for projects that we can work on together!

Kendall Brown, Vice President of Sales
RGP Healthcare

I am honored to serve Sarah as a client. Sarah sets the bar high for CIOs in Healthcare organizations. She has lead her organization in delivering business value and innovative use of IT in the market. She is well respected by her executive staff and lead her IT Team through many successes. Sarah is focused on bringing innovation to the organization and involved in the local Naples, FL market via her involvement with the Blue Zone project. I admire Sarah’s leadership and honored to work with Sarah in any business capacity.

Kate Crous, Healthcare IT CXO Adviser
Smart ExecTech LLC

Sarah is a visionary leader with courage and conviction. She is able to seamlessly navigate politically charged environments with ease and grace. She keeps her focus on best practices and high standards. Her ability to find ways to mentor in her daily work is second to none. Bringing out the talents in her staff distinguishes her as an exemplary leader. Integrity is a cornerstone of Sarah’s leadership professional and personal style. Truly fortunate to have spent time working with Sarah on several strategic initiatives at her organization. I would highly recommend anyone that has an opportunity to work with Sarah to take that moment as one will inherently become a stronger leader as well.

Kate Gamble, Managing Editor & Social Media Director

I recently had the privilege of interviewing Sarah, and when I hung up the phone I said, “Wow.” Her passion for being a leader was so evident and inspiring. I immediately told my colleague Anthony Guerra about the conversation and we brainstormed about how we could work with her again. She recently hosted a webinar on security and did an excellent job. Sarah is the kind of person you want to work with, again and again.

Mike Stephens, CFO & Chief of Strategy
Ensemble Health Partners

Sarah is the total package when it comes to IT leadership in a healthcare setting. She is a rare breed when it comes to understanding the technical needs of an organization, but also possessing the personality and ingenuity to take an organization to the next level. She has the ability to communicate a very difficult subject matter in a form that is easily understood throughout her audience, despite their level competence or expertise on the subject. She thrives on performance improvement and innovation, while also maintaining a diligence on financial matters in order to show value for each dollar invested. I would recommend Sarah to anyone searching for a catalyst for change and it has been a pleasure working with her.

Stephen Corbeil, President
Tri-Star Division, Hospital Corporation of America

“I had the pleasure of being involved in the hiring process for Sarah–it was one of the best leadership decisions I’ve made! Sarah inherited a large group of professionals who did not have strong leadership or a culture of service. In a very short period of time Sarah changed the culture of her staff, engaged effectively with other Divisions leaders, and most importantly established credible and strategic relationships with hospital CEOs. I would strongly recommend Sarah for any leadership position in IT space!”

Susan Williams, Consultant/Professor Emerita
Belmont University, Nashville, Tennessee

“Sarah Richardson is a strong, capable leader. I observed her as she evaluated the professional development needs of those in her division and then set about making sure they had the tools and abilities to improve their work. She then capitalized on teamwork to achieve stretch goals for her entire organization. Her “let’s get it done” style is supported by a genuine caring for her associates, and while she expects excellence, she makes sure she knows the strengths of every individual so that each one can be her or his best.”

Joe Scarlett, Founder
Scarlett Leadership Institute, Franklin, Tennessee

“I have known Sarah for several years – first as a student in our executive educational program and more recently in her leadership role at HCA in Kansas City. Sarah is a “star” in every respect – well spoken, great communicator, top quality leader and well respected.”

Gwen Walsh, President/Executive Consultant
TechEdge LLC, Cleveland, Ohio

“Driven by her selfless nature to help companies, teams and women achieve their greatest potential, Sarah vigorously and relentlessly tackles the most complex organizational challenges with inspirational vision, targeted strategies, execution savvy, a collaborative spirit and pure adrenalin. Quantifiable business results, accomplished and enthusiastic teams, ecstatic customers, and enriched and empowered professionals, have become Sarah’s causes plus indelible hallmarks.”

Leah Miller, Chief Information Officer, North Texas Division
Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), Dallas, Texas

“Sarah is a leader who puts her people first. She achieves results through others by ensuring she’s tuned in enough to remove roadblocks and ensure they have what they need to do the job. She is vested the team’s development and ensures the organizations needs are served and risks mitigated through that. She is a partner to the business and quickly adapts the organization to their shifting priorities. She’s a joy to work for and a true asset to any organization.”